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We believe generating relevant, transformative insights is both an art and a science. When done right, the result can lead to sound marketing decisions and immense product opportunities. Our team utilizes the right techniques, executes them with the utmost skill, and analyzes the findings using marketing knowledge and strategic expertise. That’s what we do, no matter the business challenge at hand.

In-Person Qualitative


It’s one of the most trusted forms of research—hearing directly from individuals about what they do and why they do it. We utilize insightful moderating, creative exercises and projective techniques, thought-provoking homework assignments, and value-added screening practices, all to learn what lies within the hearts and minds of valued consumers.

Our In-person Qualitative methods include:

  • Focus Groups
  • One-on-Ones
  • Friendship/Decision Pairs
  • Peer/Lifestyle Parties

Technology-Based Qualitative


Today, nearly everyone has a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This has allowed a growing use of non-traditional approaches to drive better and faster insights.

However, while technology has provided new tools, the foundation for effective qualitative research remains the same.

Our Technology-Based Qualitative methods include:

  • Immersive research/online ethnography
  • Online discussion groups
  • Mobile research
  • Webcam focus groups
  • Device-enabled ethnography
  • Online/mobile journaling and video diaries
  • Online communities



We rely on Ethnographic research to understand a consumer’s true relationship with a product, brand, or package. We watch, listen, and probe – in-person, using technology or a mixture of both – to learn where, how, when, and why consumers do what they do. When acted upon, these insights result in innovative marketing decisions and new product territories.

Our Ethnographic methods include:

  • In-home interviews
  • On-site interviews
  • Shop-a-longs
  • Immersive research/online ethnography
  • Device-enabled ethnography



When it comes to business objectives, numerical data can be critical to making smart, well-informed decisions. That’s why we utilize quantitative research to provide a statistically significant read on the target’s opinions and perceptions. We focus on the business objectives at hand throughout the process—from initial survey design to data collection, data analysis, and strategic report preparation.

Hybrid Methods


In the past, qualitative and quantitative research methods were conducted exclusively. Today, that’s not the case. More and more, these traditionally separated methods are being combined within one single study to collect richer insights. We rely on Hybrid methods when it’s most relevant and impactful for the challenge at hand.